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About Lalitpur

Being situated in the heart of India, Lalitpur is a district headquaters in Uttar Pradesh and is most important business hub and very attractive tourist place of Bundelkhand. It is located on National highway 26 and also having quite easy railway access. Lalitpur railway station falling under North Central Railway Zone, is in between Jhansi and Bhopal. All the south bound trains running from Delhi pass through Lalitpur. Many premium trains including New Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express have stoppage in Lalitpur.

Lalitpur District was formerly part of the state of Chanderi, founded in the 17th century by a Bundela Rajput who was descended from Rudra Pratap of Orchha. Chanderi, along with most of Bundelkhand, came under Maratha hegemony in the 18th century. Daulat Rao Sindhia of neighboring Gwalior annexed Chanderi state in 1811. In 1844, the former state of Chanderi was ceded to the British, and became the Chanderi District of British India, with Lalitpur town as the district headquarters. The British lost the district in the Indian Rebellion of 1857, and it was not reconquered until late 1858. In 1861, the portion of the district west of the Betwa, including Chanderi, was returned to Gwalior, and the remainder was renamed Lalitpur District. Lalitpur District was made part of Jhansi District from 1891 to 1974.

About Lalitpur Uttar Pradesh

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